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had a spanking session today, and now I think I’m gonna have to cancel my kink shoot because my ass is hella bruised to shit.

The Uglier Side of Sex: See my other blogs at and

Please stop promoting your porn blogs with my personal pictures. Thanks


the truth is out there.



covered my scorpion with a moth bc people change all the time into giant bugs that can fly away. my girl sue is an apprentice at philthy clean in berkeley, and she’s so worth more the amount she’d ever charge u for tatts if any of y’all are interested.

I am sad for the loss of the scorpion but the moth is pretty :) 

i still really like the idea of having a scorpio related tattoo on my body but i didn’t want a giant scorpion to cover the old one, so i opted for another bug that represents rebirth. what i originally wanted was the scorpio constellation and i’m pretty positive i’ll get that too eventually :)

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