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Check in at if you have any other questions.

There is also the Abortion Pill (Mifepristone).  It can be taken up to 9 weeks (but is most effective up to 7 weeks and check the laws in your state). It is comparable to a miscarriage and after getting the intial dosage from your medical service provider, you take the rest at home and go through the process at home.

This is super important, valuable information that I think many people don’t know. Also, when you go to an abortion clinic (I at least know this is true for Planned Parenthood) there’s a counseling meeting where you discuss the alternatives with a doctor and sign a consent form saying that abortion is what you really want. A lot of people who oppose abortion will want to tell you that abortion clinics and reproductive health centers will try to convince you to have the abortion, but that’s just not true. (I mean, only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortions. Family planning and community health centers like Planned Parenthood are often more concerned with prevention and awareness and other aspects of health. They’re more interested in helping you have options than they are in only giving you the one.)

Nor is it true that any medical center will throw the embryo away in a dumpster after the procedure. I’m sure none of you really thought that, but slander is a vicious thing that spreads and becomes true in the eyes of those who want to believe it because it fits into their agenda.

Additionally: know your rights. When I worked at Planned Parenthood, I learned that protesters are not allowed to be in front of the building or in the parking lot. They have to stay on the sidewalk, further away from the building. They are not supposed to try to convince you not to go into the building, nor can they physically block you from going in or follow you inside. You have to be let in by someone already in the building, which means that any appointment you have there - counseling, a check-up, a mammogram, an abortion, a testing - will be confidential and safe.

  • Radical feminists:

    the sex industry is dangerous to women!

  • Sex workers:

    I experience these dangers and also depend on my job to support myself, so will you support me in making my working conditions safer?

  • Radical feminists:

    the sex industry results in human trafficking!

  • Sex workers:

    actually, sex trafficking statistics are confused with trafficking statistics for domestic labor and often include voluntary sex workers such as migrant workers.

  • Radical feminists:

    the sex industry causes rape!

  • Sex workers:

    we're at risk of violence due to stigma surrounding our work that results in an inability to report that basically allows rapists to target us without giving us any recourse.

  • Radical feminists:

    we need to shut down the sex industry to protect these women!

  • Sex workers:

    forcing us out of our jobs is just going to force us into poverty though, why don't you listen to us and help us make our work safer?

  • Radical feminists:

    false consciousness! handmaidens of the patriarchy!

  • Sex workers:

    I thought you wanted to help us?

  • Radical feminists:

    fuck you for selling out women! You deserve what you get! Throwing women under the bus!

  • Sex workers:

    . . .

  • Radical feminists:

    I only care about trafficked women!

  • Sex trafficking survivors:

    criminalization actually makes things worse for us by contributing to stigma, statist violence and limiting our ability to access support through peer-based organizations and other workers

  • Radical feminists:

    abolish the sex industry!

  • Sex workers and trafficking survivors:

    . . .











Norwegian forest cats are the best.

They look like little snow lions.


The colloquial term for them is “skogkatten”.

They’re also called “fairy cats” in Norway, because they’re so pretty.

They run down trees headfirst.

They’re fricking gigantic and they purr really loud.

They literally walk over snow like motherloving Legolas.

In Norse mythology, skogkatts pull the goddess Freya’s carriage.

Who doesn’t want a carriage pulled by cats?

Viking cats. End of story.

Oh what a terrible thing it appears that I haven’t reblogged these glorious beasts this year yet

We have come to pronounce judgment upon those who do not respect the will of the Catmoot.

Nah, they don’t have a Catmoot. They’re Norwegian. They have a Catþing (pronounced “cat-thing”).

*clears throat*

Actually, beloved, þing is Icelandic

They have a Kattkongresse, I deem.

Au contraire. The word þing is present in all the Nordic languages, although in modern use it’s become ting in Norwegian. Indeed, the modern national legislature of Norway is the Storting, or “Great Þing”.

My Norwegian textbook gives me “møte” as the preferred form, though, so having checked further I have to say that Tammy has the right of it.

Kattmøte = Catmoot = you are wrong and have been out-pedanted shut up

OK two things.

Imprimus: Dayum. Well played.

Secundus: Why dost have a Norwegian textbook‽

I found it in the back room of Curlews a few years back and thought it would be interesting. Alas, I was stymied by the fact that I had no frame of reference for intonation and so spent most of a month struggling to figure out the lilts before giving up in disgust.

Since that was the first chapter, you can safely assume I do not speak Norwegian.

(Source: attack-on-pre-calculus)

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