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Christina Hendricks in her 90s teen goth days

I know there’s plenty of people who want to smooch Joan Holloway, but I just wanna grab a coffee with Christina Hendricks and listen to some Sisters of Mercy.

i literally just yelled “i know you’re doing something but this is important” to get my housemate over to the computer so we could sit in front of this together and go “oh SHIT. what a look WHAT A LOOK STRONG YES STRONG LOOK YES”

I wanna take her to see Bauhaus and smoke cloves omg

Oh JESUS CHRIST Christina Hendricks, are you kidding me with this? Could you BE more perfect? Sigh.

What are some legit organizations or charities that help domestic violence victims?



I’d like to find a few to donate to. Thanks in advance!

No responses?


Riley Center

La Casa De Los Madres

Asian Women’s Shelter 

Woman Inc. 


All of these organizations are legit and provide support to those who suffer from domestic/interpersonal violence in the bay area. 

my first ever bgg shoot came out, and i know there have been a few of you asking me when it will air.. hey it’s finally viewable you guys!!!!

i also just wanna say this was prolly the most fun i’ve ever had on set, and the footage really shows it :3 hope you enjoy!! 

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